The company and values

Trust, quality and responsibility
We deliver all ordered products with punctuality and high quality. More than 25 years of industry experience serves as a guarantee of quality. We always take full responsibility for the work and customer satisfaction.

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We are on the customer’s side

We take the customer’s wishes into account and consult with professional skill when choosing materials/fabric.

We make sure that the functionality and behavior of the material meet your expectations even after installation or pre-washing.


We ensure that all orders are delivered to the customer within the agreed schedule.

Quality promise

Our high quality remains the same for all our customers. We produce high-quality products for private customers as well as five-star hotels.

From measurements to installation

We deliver orders from measurements to installation on a turnkey principle.

High quality sewing

We sew products in Finland.

Svetlana Kinnunen – 10 facts about me

  1. About me
    My name is Svetlana Kinnunen.
    I moved to Finland from Moscow in 1990. After arriving in Finland, I sent 52 job applications to various jobs and got an invitation for an interview. I got a position at a company in the interior textiles industry in 1998. I quit as CEO of the same company in 2011 after founding my own company. All in all, I have more than 25 years of experience in interior textiles.
  2. The power of recommendation
    I am happy to say that approximately 70% of my new customers come through the recommendations of previous customers. I warmly thank all my recommenders.
  3. Regulars
    I have regular customers who always contact me with new items to decorate.
  4. Clientele
    I have supplied curtains and textiles to both 5 star hotel chains (Swissotel, Sheraton, Kempinski, Orient Express) and private homes.
  5. Connection to my home country
    I had a company in Russia for 11 years. I stopped selling to and in Russia as soon as the war in Ukraine started.
  6. My most exceptional project
    My most exceptional public space project has been for the decadent restaurant and tattoo studio Hilma in Stockholm. I assisted the Swedish interior design agency Tendbom. Hilma has been nominated for awards such as Frame Awards: Bar of The Year 2018-, the Andrew Martin Designer of the Year Award 2018-, and the German Design Awards 2018 as a recipient of the awards.
  7. My biggest private home project
    My biggest private home project has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the 10th most expensive real estate in the world. The subject is a large 3,700 m² house in England with a huge number of windows of different sizes and shapes. Almost every room had different curtains and pillows. I was able to deliver curtains and bed linens to the destination and I had a big folder of project papers that weighed up to five kilos. The item was received at once, without a snag list.
  8. Carefree service for the customer
    My customers don’t have to take the measurements of the curtains, look for suitable fabrics, and the installation of the curtains is not a matter of concern either. Together we choose the most desirable option and make sure that the selected fabrics are suitable for the intended use. You choose and we take care of everything else.
  9. At your service even for specialized needs
    I work at a lot of locations with unusual windows (tall, slanted or otherwise oddly shaped). I also help with other special needs, such as when the object needs, for example, heat-saving or sound-insulating curtains.
  10. Did you know this about me?
    I really like animals. I have a lovely, calm rescue dog and a bengal cat that can fetch a stick!

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