Portfolio and told by our customers

On this page, you will find examples of our completed projects as well as information about what our customers say about us. We have experience in textile design for 25 years.

"We were doing a home improvement project for our bedroom and children's room with a designer from Vepsäläinen and regardless of finding most of the furniture through them quite to our liking their partners couldn't meet our needs and expectations for the curtains. After a short googling for different alternatives I stumbled upon on SK-supplies and immediately fell in love with their reference projects.
My initial expectation was that their work and materials would far exceed our planned budget but decided to ask for a quote for anyways, just to be sure. To my great surprise, the quote came back lower than some of the maybe better known options on the Finnish market even after we chose to use materials far superior to theirs.
After the initial measurement and design visit from Svetlana, I already knew this was going to turn out great as she paid great attention to details to ensure the desired outcome. Even after raising those high expectations, I was still positively surprised just how well the curtains turned out, completely transforming the rooms from being just ok to 5-star hotel standards with the functionality (black out) and finish to match."
– Jani L.

Examples of the textile design projects for hotels and businesses

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