Miksi valita mittatilausverhot ja laadukkaat tekstiilit? Asiakkaamme vastaavat:

  • En halua perehtyä teknisiin seikkoihin tai tehdä itse. Haluan, että joku tuo minulle kotiin muutaman sopivan vaihtoehdon, ottaa mitat ja asentaa ne.
  • Jotta voin rentoutua töiden jälkeen.
  • Jotta olisi kodikasta.
  • Ikkunani eivät ole tavanomaista mitoitusta. Oikean mittaisia verhoja ei löydy kaupasta.
  • Jotta nukkuisin paremmin (puuvillasatiinilakanat, 100 % pimentävät verhot)
  • Jotta naapurit olisivat kateellisia 😉
  • Jotta hotellihuoneet saisi myytyä korkeampaan hintaan
  • Jotta ne kestävät käyttöä paremmin

Kuinka usein verhot vaihdetaan?

  • Tilastojeni mukaan sitten kun muutetaan. Eli 8–16 vuotta 😊

Are you planning on buying curtains, but don’t know where to start?

Curtains are a long-term investment that many people only make a few times in their lifetime. For example, I once had a customer who lived without curtains for 10 years in their previous apartment, but for their new home they wanted to take care of suitable curtains to bring coziness, protection and complete the interior. My service is made as effortless as possible, all you have to do is contact us and ask for an offer.

Information needed for the offer

  • How many windows are there at the location?
  • What hopes or expectations do you have? We offer you the best options visually and functionally so that we can find solutions for you. We also aim to suggest new ideas and perspectives to reach the best result together.
  • What is your budget?
    It is important for us to know the cost framework of the project, so that we can evaluate the execution as accurately as possible. The budget helps in planning suitable and realistic solutions.
  • Are you using an interior designer?
    If you’re using the services of an interior designer, please let us know when you contact us. This way we can match the curtains smoothly with the rest of the interior.

This is how we proceed!

  1. First meeting
    We will discuss your needs and I will take preliminary measurements for the final offer.
    The meeting is free of charge for those living in the Helsinki metropolitan area.
  2. Second meeting
    I’ll present the curtain plan. The plan includes fabric models and a few suitable solutions.
  3. Making an offer
    From the plans presented, you will choose the option that feels best and most like you and I will make an offer for it. You get to keep fabric models for a few days if you’re weighing between different solutions. After the offer is accepted, the work begins.
  4. Work phase
    The installer will come to take the exact measurements for the rails and curtains. As well as sewing the curtains, we order the rails and fabrics. When the curtains are finished, we will install them in place.
  5. Enjoy the end result!


Our service saves you from going around draper’s and the trouble of measuring different fabrics. You don’t need to know about washing instructions in advance or choose suitable fabrics, let alone the rails. We have made the process as effortless and worry-free as possible.


apartment curtains

Apartment curtains

The curtains in the living room can match your style. Curtains can be colorful and personal or timelessly elegant. Decorative pillows are an important part of the finish, as they connect the room with the curtains and top off the overall look of the living room.

Bedroom textiles

For the bedroom, we recommend curtains that blackout completely. With them, you can sleep in the dark both at night and during the day. Blackout curtains are especially important for light sleepers, parents of small children and shift workers.

custom curtains

Kylpyhuoneen tekstiilit

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Place setting

High-quality Garnier-Thiebaut tablecloths and napkins complete the beautiful setting. We use textiles from this French brand, as they are also used in the world’s best restaurants and most luxurious hotels.


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We offer high-quality fabrics for home decoration needs. You can also choose from a wide selection of ecological or fire-resistant fabrics.

Upholstery leather

Leather as a material in home decoration

We also offer high-quality leather products for interior decoration and other uses.
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