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Registry- and privacy statement.

This is SK Quality Supplies’ registry and privacy statement as required by the general data protection regulation of EU (10 ja 24 §).

Written 06.09.2018

  1. Registry holder

SK Quality Supplies Oy

Y-tunnus: 2435155-0

Karaportti 5, Finland

  1. Contact in control of registry

Svetlana Kinnunen

Toimitusjohtaja, SK Quality Supplies Oy

+358 46 813 6669

  1. Registry names

– client registry

– email archive

  1. Reason to gather and collect personal registries

Based on EU’s general data protection regulation the need for keeping registries are: seller-client relationship, information needed to provide a service or need of registry to fulfill a contract where the registered party is involved in.

The reasons to collect information are

Upkeeping seller-client relationships, invoicing, necessary information important to the website or service and for example marketing. The gathered information isn’t used for profiling or personal decision making.

  1. Contacts of registries

We save for example.

Information provided by you that we need to provide our service and invoice for it. Some public information such as VAT number can be added to the registry to complete your profile for invoicing.

Name, title, company/organization, IP-address, user names in different services, information on ordered services and changes to them, invoicing information, other information needed to keep up seller-customer relationship and ordered services as well as important information we need to serve you.

We delete information when we no longer have a reason to have them. No later than five years. From the customer registry we’ll delete your information when the customer relationship hasn’t been active in four years. We’ll delete your email archive at the same time.

At any time, you can request us to remove all, or part of, your saved information from one or all our registries.

Please note that we can delete your information only if by law we’re not required to keep them (for example if we have an active contract or any other reason we need to keep your information for a time).

  1. Regular sources of information and combining different registries

We collect information for example from forms on our website, by email, by phone, from contracts, meetings and other instances where a customer gives us their information.

  1. Your information can be moved by the registry keeper outside EU and ETA countries when it’s required. For example, when some service we use keeps their data in the USA. We only use platforms and services that comply to GDPR standards.
  2. Protecting the registries

We care about your privacy and use high standards when handling it. All data is protected on our own and outside servers. All information is stored at least on SSL-secured servers. Our web pages are fully SSL-secured.

The registry holder makes sure that all saved information and personal data, or other sensitive information, are handled carefully and only by authorized people.

  1. Your right to inspect data and require changes to it

Every person in our registries has the right to see all information related to them and require changing any faulty information or to complete inaccurate information. If you want to inspect your saved information or correct it, you need to contact the registry keeper. The registry keeper may ask you to prove your identity. The registry keeper will respond in a time manner defined in the EU general data protection regulation which is in one month.

Should you want a copy of your registry information let us know to which registries you are referring to. The names of our registries are found under part 3.

  1. Other rights related to data handling

A person in the registry has the right to ask for a removal of his/her information (the right to be forgotten). In addition, there are rights to limit access to your information in certain situations. All requests need to be sent to the registered keeper.

Your rights are for example:

– Inspect your own data

– Correct your own data

– Right to object handling of data

– Right to withdraw consent

– Right to contact and appeal to officials