Project Honkatalo

Curtain Designer: Svetlana Kinnunen

Honka houses are wonderful. They are made from the finest Finnish wood. Every detail of the house has been carefully planned in advance, including the windows. The windows are integrated into the wall structure along the entire length of the wall. These windows even have their own name, HTWS (Honka Window Integrated System).

One of the features of these windows is the lack of trim. This sets special craftsmanship requirements for the bedroom curtain designer. The blackout curtains chosen for the Honka house’s bedroom must be very precisely measured and carefully made.

It’s also important to know that the wooden house floor is never perfectly straight because wood breathes. This also needs to be considered when measuring the curtains. Lack of trim affects in a way that even small measuring mistakes are noticable. Curtains that are too short leave an unpleasant gap between the floor and the lower edge of the curtains, letting in light and looking like short clown pants (in my honest opinion).

Our customers, living in the Honka house, want to sleep in peace, dress in peace, and bathe in peace. That’s why they ordered 100% blackout curtains for the bedroom (which has three walls with HTWS windows). They also ordered curtains for the walk-in closet and the bathroom. All the curtains are motorized because the windows are wide. The curtains are lined with fabric in a calm and elegant shade that suits the forest and seaside environment. They look just as beautiful from the inside of the apartment as they do from the outside.

These curtains have no vertical seams, and they are made from a single piece of fabric, taking into account that the ceiling height varies slightly in the same window.

You can see the end result in the pictures and videos. You can read more about blackout curtains here, custom-made curtains here, and curtains for large windows here.

I am very grateful to the owners of Honka houses for their trust and permission to share the story of their curtains with images and videos.