Detached House, Espoo

Curtain Designer: Svetlana Kinnunen

One step at a time towards more stylish and comfortable living.

An old saying goes that nothing is as permanent as the temporary. Many people have areas in their homes that they would like to change, but these desires often linger due to a lack of time or expertise. Day after day, people walk past these areas, sighing and thinking, ‘this is yet another unfinished task.’

However, my client couple from Espoo does not fit this description. They wanted to update their living room and ordered custom-made curtains, a linen custom-made pleated curtain, and decorative cushions for their sofas.

Tip: The pleated curtain mechanism comes with a one-year warranty and can be later customized with a different fabric.

The end result is shown in the photos. If you would like to receive a price estimate for custom curtains for your own home, please fill out the contact form.