Five-star hotel textiles in your own home

bedroom curtains

Why do our customers dream of curtains and linens that are like in a five-star hotel?

Hotels use very high quality materials. Quality and safety are confirmed by international certificates. In hotels you can sleep well even during the day thanks to the blackout curtains. In addition, the fabrics designed for use in hotel rooms have high wear resistance.

Bed linen in hotels is mainly monochromatic, mainly white. They are decorated with decorative embroidery or stitching. They are more densely woven than homemade ones. Hotel towels and bathrobes are made to be as comfortable and long-lasting as possible. The towels are made entirely of cotton with a low-loop weave, so that, for example, an earring does not get caught in them. For safety reasons, hotels use non-flammable fabrics for curtains and furniture upholstery. In the attached video, we show how non-combustible fabric behaves under the influence of fire.