Metropol Moscow

Designer: Svetlana Pisarska


We delivered curtains and rails to 187 windows (window height 300-460 cm). In addition, we sewed and arranged other interior textiles. We supplied upholstery fabrics to furniture factories in Europe. We imported upholstery leather that was specially produced for the location.

Customer feedback

Metropol Moscow – KOR Management LLC cooperated with SK Quality Supplies LLC in the renovation of Metropol hotel rooms.

SK Quality Supplies carried out extensive work, which included curtains and moldings for 180 windows, decorative pillows and bedspreads for the renovated rooms, and the import of upholstery fabrics and leather. In addition, the company supplied us with other products for various projects. For example, their Finnish sister company supplied fabrics to our European furniture manufacturers. The work was done during the years 2017-2019.

The company handled all deliveries within the promised schedule with proper import documents, excellent quality and within budget. It is useful that Svetlana Kinnunen knows many manufacturers personally. The company quickly resolved the problems and questions that arose during the renovation.

Special thanks for optimizing the project, professional advice in choosing fabrics and preparing project documentation.

We recommend the company for renovation projects as a conscientious partner who knows how to work efficiently and professionally and solve all the problems that arise in the process.