Apartment curtains

Living room

Living room curtains can match their owner’s style. Curtains can be colorful or timeless monochrome. Curtains with a remote control are suitable for those interested in technology. Are you interested in energy saving? We can also add a lining to the curtains, which keeps the room cool in summer and warm in winter.

Decorative pillows are often the icing on the cake as they complete the look of the living room.


Roman blinds are often a good solution for kitchen windows. They are stylish and easy to keep clean. Roman blinds also have the practical advantage of changing the fabric to another using the same mechanism.

A tablecloth sewn to measure and cloth napkins complete the table setting. The products are made in colors suitable for the interior style and the high-quality materials can be either 100% cotton or linen. The fabric can also be water and dirt repellent, yet the fabric treated with water repellency looks just like ordinary fabric and the treatment does not give it a plastic feel.


Practicality and safety are important features to consider when designing curtains for rooms with children. For these spaces, we recommend water-washable curtains that do not have chains or buttons for example.

The office

Offices have become an important part of our everyday life. For these spaces we recommend a combination of a roller blind that protects against the sun and heat, and a light side curtain.

A customer story – An apartment in Helsinki

An apartment in  Helsinki got a whole new look with interior design.

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